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Check out Michael’s YouTube Channel!

Michael has his very own YouTube channel! Filled with videos from his new “GuitarCam” as well as footage from “Back In The Day” – Reaction to the new “GuitarCam” video has been overwhelming – you get a close up look right from Michael’s headstock on his Gibson Les Paul guitar, taking you on a tour of a step by step perspective during an actual LIVE performance, WOW!!! Check it out NOW



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Lou Gramm & Michael Staertow Talk Foreigner, Touring and Memorable Moments


Lou Gramm and Michael talk to Guitar World Magazine’s James Wood about the 2017 Tour — Read the Full Article Here

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The 2017 Line-Up & Summer Tour


The 2017 tour has kicked off with a new & improved band! Last year (2016) we welcomed Drummer Rob Mount and Sax / Rhythm Guitarist Scott Gilman ( Foreigner ). This year we welcome Keyboardist Jeff Jacobs (Billy Joel, Foreigner, Julian Lennon) to the band. Bringing the integrity of the music to an all time high! Not only has the addition of these three key elements help authenticate the sound, their stage presence knocks it out of the park!! You’ll be hard pressed to mistaken us for a “cover band”……

See you all out there this summer!


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2017 Tour about to begin…

Breaks over, time to get back to some Rock & Roll – including Las Vegas, Toledo’s “Rock the Arena II” and a pair of book end private shows! Really looking forward to what 2017 has in store, and seeing you all again out on the road — make sure you say “Hello” if we’re in your neck of the woods…




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Enjoy this Holiday Season with music!


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#iplayslinky Do You?

Ernie Ball

#iplayslimky #guitaristforanicon

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How this Icon feels about having Michael in his band…

A recent excerpt from an interview with Lou Gramm that appeared in the Cleveland Scene:

As long as we’re talking guitar players, I want to ask about Michael Staertow, the guitar player in your solo band. He was in a Foreigner tribute band with your nephew, right? 

That’s cool that a family connection brought him your way.
You know, sometimes it just happens that way.

Having somebody come in that has that experience, that knows the songs and knows the records, did that make it easier as far as getting somebody in the band that knew how to play those song?
In this circumstance, it definitely was. Obviously, we still rehearsed with him before we played a show, because he knew the arrangements of the records and I guess his tribute band played the songs live like the record. We had small changes in the arrangements and things like that, so he just had to adapt to our arrangements and he did that within a matter of days.

Did he have any questions for you, like how you guys had done certain things back in the day?
Not really. You know, he’s a very gifted guitar player and a student of music in general. Very knowledgeable. I think he considers Mick a great guitar player, as do I. But Mick’s got a unique style of playing and of the guitar players I’ve played with, I think Michael’s been the one that has grasped and understood Mick’s style and was able to get those nuances and chording versions better than anyone.

Mick has a very specific tone and signature sound that when you hear his playing, you know that it’s him playing?
That’s exactly right. His chords, the way his hands are positioned for the chords, you’ve got to have rubber fingers to get into some of those positions and he’s a contortionist. But it comes very naturally to him and when you hear the chords ring out with his inversions, it’s very powerful and Mike was able to pick up on that, so we’ve gained a lot by having Michael in the band.




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Sharing the stage once again with…

Very excited to once again share the stage with two of rock’s best vocalists – Lou Gramm & Paul Rodgers with Bad Co. at the Ironstone Amphitheater in Murphys, CA on September 4th, 2016! Two singers that defined the 70’s & 80’s, together on the same stage, on the same night! One word – SWEET!

Hope to see you ALL there!


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Special Guests of Bad Co.

Extremely excited about this  upcoming show in September –


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2016 Tour Opening Reviews

Lou and the band has successfully opened the 2016 tour to rave reviews – don’t believe me? Check them out for your self —

“Voice of Foreigner Lou Gramm performs sold out show at The Canyon Club”

“Lou Gramm hitting all the right notes at the Canyon Club in Agoura”

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