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“The Commute” with Steve Olivas Podcast featuring Michael Staertow

Coming off major gigs with Lou Gramm and with Mark Slaughter, touring musician, Michael Staertow climbs aboard the (crowded!) tour bus — and tells about the life of a gun for hire. He has been a member of several acts moving up through his career, and the journey has been both rewarding and also immensely frustrating. Listen in and learn about what “ten year overnight sensation” really means in this world! *and also the adage “Nice guys keep working”!

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Bands To Fans & Michael Staertow via Facebook Live!!

Cris Cohen of Bands To Fans interviews Michael Staertow via Facebook Live recently – their conversation covers what all of us are doing to stay safe, healthy & busy during this uncertain time of the Covid 19 Pandemic…

And what better to do during this brief “Social Distancing” situation than enjoy the video of that podcast below, Enjoy!!

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In The Trenches with Ryan Roxie – Episode #7006 featuring guitarist Michael Staertow

In this episode, Ryan sits down with journeyman rock guitarist Michael Staertow (Lou Gramm Band & Slaughter)


In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie is a podcast hosted by Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie. The show features in depth conversations with the worlds hardest working musicians…the ones that grind, the ones that commit, the ones who make their dreams come true…in the trenches.


For more Episodes follow and subscribe on the Ryan Roxie Official YouTube Channel or these other fine links –


Ryan Roxie – Host

Robby Miller – Research Editor

Victor Chalfant – Web design/Social Media

Dave Rattenbury – Euro Team

Gustav Kronfelt – Graphics

Tess Faber – Intro Voice

Mitch Lafon – Executive Producer

Enjoy the Podcast….and Enjoy the Ride!

Support the show.

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ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents ZAKK WYLDE (recorded December 13th 2019). Former Lou Gramm guitarist, Michael Staertow, co-hosts.

ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents ZAKK WYLDE (recorded December 13th 2019). Former Lou Gramm guitarist, Michael Staertow, co-hosts.  During our conversation, ZAKK discusses the 25th anniversary of his landmark album, Pride & Glory. Also, Zakk reveals if he’ll be playing with Ozzy this summer, starting all over again after Ozzy’s No More Tours Tour, doing a second Pride & Glory album, Zakk Sabbath and re-recording Black Sabbath’s first album, the importance of Hit Singles to Black Label Society, an all French KISS tribute band, Eli Manning and the NY Giants and more.  READ Ultimate Classic Rock’s coverage: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/zakk-… Get your MITCH MERCH here: https://loudtrax.com/Mitch  Twitter: @mitchlafon Instagram: @mitch_lafon


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BLTD Podcast #156 – Talking Music with Michael Staertow

Ryan Wolfe is joined by a very special guest on the latest episode of the Better Live Than Dead Podcast.

Musician, and Rochester, NY native, Michael Staertow joins the podcast for the first time ever to discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, streaming music, guitars, and reunions.

This extended interview is one you wont want to miss!




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Michael co-hosts Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon

Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon‘s Mitch Marathon Month continues…

with co-host Michael Staertow (Slaughter, formerly Lou Gramm’s band) and guest Dave Amato (from REO SPEEDWAGON).

During out interview, Dave discusses his new GIBSON Les Paul Axcess Standard guitar as well as working with Ted Nugent & Tom Werman, Jimmy Barnes, singing backing vocals for Motley Crue (including Wildside, Girls & Primal Scream), replacing guitarist Gary Richrath, REO making a new album, how does he approach older REO material, Kevin Cronin and more.

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Petty Fest VII at Del Lago Resort with Hard Promises

Join Michael as he sits in with Syracuse’s “Hard Promises” as their Special Guest! This year’s Petty Fest is Friday, April 5th in The Vine Theater at del Lago Resort & Casino. Tickets are on sale now at dellagoresort.com, and are $5 until March 30th. There are NO online fees. Call 315-946-1777 for Tickets…

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“No Guitar Is Safe” Podcast Episode #75 featuring Michael NOW!!

Presented by Guitar Player magazine, this episode finds us cruising the ‘copter way up to Rochester, NY, to rock out with MICHAEL STAERTOW, lead guitarist for legendary Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm. Staertow has held the Gramm gig for nearly seven years, and from “Hot Blooded,” “Double Vision,” and “Urgent” to “Feels Like the First Time,” “Head Games,” and “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” the set of tunes Staertow plays lead guitar on each night is packed with an astonishingly high number of hits. It’s a dream gig for Staertow, and, as you’ll find out, it’s one he had to wait a long time to get. BONUS: Staertow also shares songs from his forthcoming solo album, and relates adventures such as meeting Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neal Schon, and other of his heroes. Enjoy.

Host, No Guitar Is Safe Podcast—the Guitar Show where Players Plug In.

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Join Michael in Chicago at Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, June 28th thru July 1st!

I’m very excited to be a “Rock Star Counselor” once again, at the upcoming Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Chicago, IL on June 28th – July 1st! This camp features Buddy Guy, Nancy Wilson & Chris Layton

Another illustrious list of fellow counselor’s includes: Gary Hoey, Vinny Appice (Dio), Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh), Rusty Wright, Arthur Strout (Hall & Oates, ELO), Chip Z’Nuff, Tanya O’Callaghan (Ronnie Wood, Dee Snider), Monte Pittman (Madonna), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) to name a few…and more to be announced!

Looking forward to seeing & working with everyone there!

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New Merch Page!!

For those of you that have asked, and have patiently waited…all of your autograph and pick requests can be sent to the address included here:

M E R C H  P A G E

As time permits, Michael will sign personalized items that are sent, as well as provide his personal guitar picks by request! Provide a self addressed stamped envelope, with your pictures, posters, items to be signed, etc…

New merch coming soon!!

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