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Sonic City Council debuts with Michael as their first guest!!

The first Sonic City Council is up! We are officially podcasters. Catch our conversation with Michael Staertow on our maiden voyage. Michael was even kind enough to include some of his unreleased songs for the show! Catch snippets of two upcoming tracks from his upcoming EP during the transitions between the interview. Check out the episode below!!


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Kiki Classic Rock Interviews Michael on Kiki.FM!

Michael Staertow interview – he played alongside Lou Gramm of Foreigner and also jumped into Slaughter and now he’s making music of his own 🙂 Take a ride along to find out what it’s been like for Michael to perform beside an icon of our time.

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“The Commute” with Steve Olivas Podcast featuring Michael Staertow

Coming off major gigs with Lou Gramm and with Mark Slaughter, touring musician, Michael Staertow climbs aboard the (crowded!) tour bus — and tells about the life of a gun for hire. He has been a member of several acts moving up through his career, and the journey has been both rewarding and also immensely frustrating. Listen in and learn about what “ten year overnight sensation” really means in this world! *and also the adage “Nice guys keep working”!

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In The Trenches with Ryan Roxie – Episode #7006 featuring guitarist Michael Staertow

In this episode, Ryan sits down with journeyman rock guitarist Michael Staertow (Lou Gramm Band & Slaughter)


In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie is a podcast hosted by Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie. The show features in depth conversations with the worlds hardest working musicians…the ones that grind, the ones that commit, the ones who make their dreams come true…in the trenches.


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Ryan Roxie – Host

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Dave Rattenbury – Euro Team

Gustav Kronfelt – Graphics

Tess Faber – Intro Voice

Mitch Lafon – Executive Producer

Enjoy the Podcast….and Enjoy the Ride!

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